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The mission of Airedale Energy Consultants, L.L.C. is simple – to provide services to the local community and world that will enable people to “live better” in their home environments and at the same time “use less” energy.

To “live better” will mean different things to each of us. For AEC the intent is to live in comfort. To have uniform temperatures in our homes whether it is hot or cold outside. To have the proper humidity level that promotes healthy skin and pulmonary functioning. Also to have a living environment where the air is fresh, free of odor, free of allergens and free of gases such as co and co2.

To “use less” energy is also an interesting concept. Interesting in the sense of “use less” but relative to what. It is AEC’s intention to promote PassiveHouse as the target standard for new residential construction. In terms of retrofitting or improving existing building stock it represents a target for what is possible.

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