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Bruce Kitchell

Bruce has spent a large part of his professional career as a Control Engineer blending control system technology with computer engineering and technical support of computer systems. An opportunity to start a business with his relatives in Slovakia building wooden homes shifted his professional interests to the arena of Building Science.

In Slovakia, they were building low energy wooden homes. But Bruce wanted to do more – comfort and energy conservation was his focus. He learned about the Passive Haus movement in Germany and wanted to bring its benefits to Slovakia and to the US.

He has trained at the Passive House Institute in Urbana , IL and also at the PHI in Darmstadt, Germany. In order to learn more about the construction industry in the US, he has trained at Southface in Atlanta, GA

He is a certified HERS rater , BPI analyst and Energy Star V3 rater.

Bruce’s goal is to incorporate current green building practices in the US with the Passive House principles to create a healthy living environment that uses dramatically less energy for the population of the Southeastern US.


  • Building Performance Institute Analyst 2010
  • RESNET Home Energy Rater 2010
    Field Verification and diagnostic testing by Energy Vanguard
  • Home Performance with Energy Star Analyst (Certification in progress)
  • Passive House US Consultant (Certification in progress)

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